Sustainable Practices

We are committed to the most ethical production practices possible to us. Here are some of our current sustainable practices.


Digital Printing:


Many people don’t think of printing as polluting, but it is one of the worst polluters of our water. When we clean screens or drums, it goes directly down the drain into our water system. Digital printing is the most eco friendly printing process. There is no slough off into our water because it is printed directly onto the media with microscopic drops. The cartridges are recycled by the ink manufacturer.


Fair Trade: 


We personally visited the factory we use to produce our products before we decided to use them. They are family owned and have worked with members of our family for decades. They create a healthy and friendly environment for their employees and meet all the standardized requirements of ethical business practices by the Sedex Members SMETA reports


Use of Silk: 


Silk is one of the most sustainable fibers. By nature, the extraction of domesticated silkworms and the life of wild silkworms are sustainable. When produced by weavers on handlooms,  silk fabric has a near-zero energy footprint and satisfies most of the guidelines for sustainable silk production.

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