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My story and process

About Robin


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I think of myself as an artist and then a product designer. Like artists of centuries past I find inspiration in the world around me. From global treks to local fresh cut bouquets, nature and architecture fuel my passion for design. My parents recognized my artistic interest early and encouraged this in me. I studied art and design in Europe. Once back stateside, I worked as a textile designer in the NYC home fashion industry before relocating to Minnesota with my husband. Minnesota has welcomed us and truly inspired my work. It was here I knew I could start the print studio and launch my line. I am motivated by not just the community of artists I have found but the Twin Cities and state itself. Nature abounds from Three River Parks to the miles of lakes and biking paths. 


I find inspiration all around but am often drawn to nature and architecture. From the delicate intricacies of a sea shell found on a beach walk with my husband to the tiles underfoot in a sacred temple I see elements of design everywhere.

Once inspired, I hand paint the motif using a variety of mediums from traditional water colors to Indian ink.

The motif is digitally scanned and then the fun begins through pattern manipulation and of course COLOR. I love color!

The print is then brought forth using modern digital print technology.

Why digital printing?

I have watched the advancement in digital printing since my early days in the textile industry. The detail and richness of color that it can achieve is unmatched

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