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Welcome to my colorful world.

I love to work with designers and share my work with your clients.

Color & Scale Customization

Due to the flexibility allowed by digital printing and directly working with the maker, Robin has nearly endless color matching and scale possibilities. Check out this video of her G6 print scaled up 3 times its original size to become a wall mural for a young girls room.  


Design a new print from scratch with Robin

Do you have an idea you just can't get out of your head, and you can't seem to find anything that fits perfectly from your usual resources? Speak with us and try designing a completely new pattern from start to finish with Robin. 


Roll length customization

Everyone hates horizontal lines in wallpaper. Avoid this possibility by working with Robin directly to print your panels the floor to ceiling length you need for the job. Additional, this avoids wastage and as a result reduces cost to your client.

State of the art equipment & materials

Robin invests in her business to provide clients with the best quality product available. We use only fine non woven for our pasted wallcoverings as well as water based non-toxic latex inks. Recently we added an imported Italian cutter to the studio to provide clients with perfect butt-joint seams. It cuts accuracy is down to the millimeter!

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