Peel and Stick


1. Start with a smooth, clean white wall.


2. Gather supplies -

ruler, exact-o blade (EXTRA sharp!), scissors, leveler, pencil & smoothing tool.


3. Measure the paper width, mark that distance on the wall, and draw your 'plumb' line from that using the leveler.

Double check your plumb line width all the way down. ALL future panels line up from this line.


4. Lay two wallcovering panels out on floor to match the pattern.


5. On your first ‘starting’ panel, peel back two feet of the sticker backing and cut it off using scissors.


6. Hang the first panel, using the plumb line for guidance and your smoothing tool to push out air bubbles.


7. Continue to peel the sticker back, adhere the paper to the wall, and smooth out air bubbles all the way down to the floor.


8. Repeat with other panels until desired area is covered.

You can lift and adjust paper if needed for corrections


9. Use the exact-o blade to cut excess wallcovering from around window edges, molding, electrical sockets etc.


10. Enjoy your new decor!

Traditional (non-woven)


1. Remove all old wallcovering 

(to remove the remains of old paste try using a squirting bottle with water and a few squirts of washing up liquid. This works perfectly well on most wallcovering paste.)


2. Remove peeling paint remnants

3. Smooth out any rough surfaces

(although the glass-fibre and glass textile products will cover small cracks and uneven surfaces.)

4. Clean with a damp cloth

5. Prior to beginning all surfaces should be dry.

6. We recommend the use of Pro Clear 880 pastes

(standard non- woven wallcovering paste) or similar solvent free products (solvent based or dispersion pastes can result in the removal of inks)


7. Paste the wall or surface

8. Hang the way one would hang any non-woven wallcovering

9. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess wallcovering paste from the media.


10. Enjoy your new decor!

© 2016 all artwork and designs by Robin Ann Meyer have been registered with the United States Copyright Office

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